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There are over one hundred Islands in the San Juans! Please call or text us for a custom quote and availability at (360) 299-2875 if you don't see your destination listed 

Passenger Fares

Destination       Fare (Per Passenger, One-way)


Cypress                                $43

Blakely                                 $43

Obstruction                         $43

Frost                                     $43

Decatur                                $43

Lieberhaven (Orcas)            $43

Center                                  $43

James**                                $43

Sinclair                                  $43

Hunter Bay                           $45

Vendovi                                $55    *2 person min

Eliza                                      $60    *2 person min

Olga                                     $50

Doe Bay Resort                   $50     *2 person min

Rosario Resort                     $60     *2 person min

Orcas Landing                     $50     *2 person min

Deer Harbor                        $80      *3 person min

North Orcas                         $110    *3 person min

Sea Acres                             $50      *2 person min

Friday Harbor                      $79      *3 person min

Roche Harbor                      $130    *3 person min

Fisherman's Bay                  $90      *3 person min


Barnes/Clark                        $90      *3 person min

Willows Inn/Lummi             $90      *3 person min

Sucia**                                 $110    *3 person min

Jones**                                $70      *3 person min

Waldron                                $110   *3 person min

Johns                                    $120    *3 person min

Stuart                                    $120    *3 person min

**Washington State Park landing fee $2 per passenger, one way

North end Blakely                          $25

     to/from Lieberhaven

Obstruction                                    $25

     to/from Lieberhaven

South end Blakely                          $43

     to/from Lieberhaven 

Decatur                                           $43

     to/from Lieberhaven

Hunter Bay                                      $38

     to/from Center/Decatur

Decatur Shores to/from Center    $28

Kids Rates

Children two and under ride free!

Discount fare for children 3-12

Freight Charges

Washer/Dryer      $50 (each)

Motorcycle           $30-50 (varies)

ATV                       $75-100 (varies)

Golf cart               $100

Mule                     $125

Kayak                    $25 (each)

We are available to transport many other items and types of construction and other freight or materials. Call us for a quote. Rates for freight charges may vary based on item dimensions.

Grocery Delivery

Order groceries through The Market (specify Island Express pick up), or through Instacart at Costco or Safeway. Call or text us to confirm the order along with the full name the order was placed under. Have Instacart orders delivered between 8am-12pm to our address: 2013 Skyline Way. We will arrange grocery delivery to you on our afternoon sailings. Grocery delivery charge is $30 for most orders.

Private Charter

Island Express                      $700

Island Express II & Leeway  $500

We are available for a wide variety of private charter services. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and see how we can help. 

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