Our Vessels

The versatility of Island Express I & II allows us to offer our customers a variety of transportation options. Both our vessels have the ability to carry passengers, freight, kayaks, bicycles, ATV’s, motorcycles, appliances, construction materials and just about anything that can be rolled onto the deck space located on the bow. See our fares page for freight pricing.

The Island Express is U.S.C.G. certified for 38 passengers. It has indoor seating for 32 passengers and outdoor seating for 10. It is a high speed aluminum landing craft with a cruising speed of 22-23 knots. It is equipped to handle many different situations, making it the most adaptable vessel in the region. The 150 square feet of deck space and ample seating areas make this vessel ideal for large groups and kayak transportation.

The Island Express II is U.S.C.G. certified to carry 25 passengers. It has indoor seating for 18 and outdoor seating for 10. This vessel, with a cruising speed of 25 knots, is also an aluminum landing craft capable of delivering both passengers and freight to remote locations.

Island Express Deck Dimensions

10 ft

14 ft

9 1/2 ft

12 1/2 ft

Island Express II 'the little boat' Deck Dimensions

9 ft

13 ft

7 ft

10.5 ft

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