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Click on the pins below or scroll down for more information about the different parks and places we can take you to explore in the

San Juan Islands

State Parks and Hiking

1. James Island Marine State Park

James Island is a small, entirely state-park island with several camp grounds. It is conveniently located close to Skyline Marina and only a fifteen minute boat ride away. Find more information on the WA Parks website here.

2. Cypress Island 

Along with two areas for camping, Cypress Island has miles of hiking trails. Check out a map here. For more information on the DNR website click here. 

3. Vendovi Island

Vendovi Island preserve is open for day visits, Thursday-Monday, from 10AM-6PM. Visit here for more information about the Island and a map of hiking trails.

4. Saddlebag Island Marine State Park

Saddlebag Island has five campsites. Learn more here.

5. Clark Island Marine State Park

Clark Island is remote, small island on the east side of Orcas with fifteen campsites. Learn more here.

6. Matia Island Marine State Park

Matia Island is located just south of the more populated Sucia Island Marine State Park. Learn more here.

7. Sucia Island Marine State Park

Sucia Island has several different camping areas. We are able to provide service to both the main dock, as well as Echo Bay on the north end of Sucia. Find more information here.

8. Patos Island Marine State Park

Patos is the northernmost San Juan Island. It is home to one of the area's lighthouses and has camp sites. Learn more here. 

9. Jones Island Marine State Park

Just off the west end of Orcas, Jones Island is a popular place for camping. Learn more here.

10. Stuart Island Marine State Park

Stuart Island has both camping and hiking trails. On the northern end, at Turn Point, there is another one of the San Juan Island's lighthouses.  Learn more here.


Resorts and Lodging

1. Decatur Island 'Airbnbs'

There are several airbnb properties on Decatur Island. We provide service to several different drop off points to get you there. See the properties here.

2. Fisherman's Bay, Lopez Island

There are several restaurants and places to stay in Lopez Village, accessed by Fisherman's Bay. Find out more here.

3. Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Friday Harbor is the largest town in the San Juan Islands with lots of restaurants and places to stay. Learn more here.

4. Roche Harbor Resort, San Juan Island

Roche Harbor is a resort located on the northwest end of San Juan Island. Check out their website here. 

5. Deer Harbor, Orcas Island

Deer Harbor has an inn, large marina, and restaurant. It is located in an inlet on the west side of Orcas Island. Learn more here.

6. Camp Orkila, Orcas Island

We are available for both individuals and school groups to travel to Camp Orkila on Orcas Island. Find the link to their website here.

7. Eastsound, Orcas Island

Eastsound is the main town on Orcas Island. There are lots of places to stay, shop and dine. The Orcas Chamber of Commerce has more information here.

8. Rosario Resort, Orcas Island

We provide direct service to the dock at Rosario Resort on Orcas Island. Check out their website here.

9. Doe Bay Resort and Retreat, Orcas Island

We use our landing crafts to bring people to the beach at Otter Cove at Doe Bay Resort. Their website is here.

10. Guemes Island Resort, Guemes Island

We provide beach service to the Guemes Island Resort as well. Check out their website here.

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